What´s globalboarding.tv?

Globalboarding.tv is a webtv site with exclusive clips, which are subdivided into three categories which are represented by globalsurf.tv, globalskateboarding.tv and globalsnowboarding.tv. Thanks to this innovative structure, the user can decide at any moment if he want mixed content or limit their browsing to only some of the modalities. Simultaneously, each of these pages is subdivided by regional differences that give access to the exclusive contents of the channel and all videos uploaded by the community users in this region. Although the intention is to create a global network of filmers covering every corner of the planet, in this moment we only can offer local content produced by the globalboarding.tv filmers team in Europe, United States and South America areas.

Globalboarding.tv is an advance in the Internet sites related to surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. This new Web format that you are seeing, is combining three modalities in a single portal, so that users decide at each moment in which one gets involved and interact globally with people with whom they shared hobbies.

The social network ot the the channel is growing day by day and in it users interact with companies in the sector, professional riders and others user shareing their opinions and videos. In globalboarding.tv, you can decide at any time that is what you like and enjoy it.


How do I create a personal account?


To create an account click on the word "register" that you'll find in the navigation bar on top of the page. Once you are in the registration menu, first you must select which type of account you would like to create. By default you will see the word person, so this is the option you have to select if you're not a company or store. If you are a company click here and if you are a store click here, but if you are a particular user the next thing you are going to see are the logos of the different sites of Globalboarding.tv family, so now is the time to choose which site or sites you want to be found by other users, or in which part or parts of the social network you want to appear. You can select multiple areas simultaneously by clicking on the corresponding logos but make sure they are shaded and are therefore selected.

Just below the logos of each of the modalities, you will find your personal information. The first thing you will be required to fill in is the nickname for which you want to be known. You can put your name, your nickname or whatever you name it. Then it´s the turn to choose your password. Use the one you like and remember you can revert at any time requested by sending it to your email. Now enter your full name so your friends could find you even though you chose a nickname by which it is difficult to identify. Once done enter a valid email address to be tied to your account Globalboarding.tv and it could receive notifications on updates and your network of friends. This is the moment to indicate your date of birth and you can manually enter the figures separated by bars (dd/mm/yyyy) or use the wizard that opens when you click on this field. The next field to be filled is your gender and that comes right after the country. Once you've chosen a country will automatically activate the option through which you can select between states or provinces upon whom your nation. Displays the tabs and you can select your geographic location easily and quickly before moving on to the next area.
 Now you just have to accept the conditions of use and privacy policy and after filling in these few areas, you just have to click on the button "Register" and start enjoying your user account.


How to upload videos?

To upload a video you have to be registered as a user and be logged. Isn´t necessary that you go to your profile to start uploading a video, because from any part of the website you can access to this option through the menu at the bottom of each page of the site. On the left side of the menu you'll find the "upload video" hyperlink and clicking on it takes you to upload menu.

Once you're on the upload video menu, you must select at first if your assembly World be uploaded from your computer or you would use embed code generated by other site (Youtube, Vimeo…). If you choose the option of bringing the video to your account through the code, leaves clicked the "Embed" and paste the information from the other psite in the first quadrant. If you choose to upload the file from your computer, uncheck the "Embed", find the clip in your files and go directly to the Title field. " Add hence the name you want to give the video and below explains the contents of your clip and the information you may think would be appropriated. Once done, type in the appropriate tags to help users find your creations through keywords. If you select the tags in a proper way, your video will be found for many more people interested in its content, therefore you have to enter words like the names of the riders that appear, the city and country where it is filmed or words that could make to appear your video when someone typed concepts related to the theme of your video on our search engine. You'll have to separate tags by commas to be effective. Right after you find an option to decide whether your video can be viewed by anyone who enters the site or if you just may enjoy it, comment, vote on and share registered users in the community. Having decided that you determine which corresponds sport: skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing or another, and upload your video.

Once these fields are filled, you should click on the Browse button and select the clip you want to upload files from your computer. Once done, do not forget to accept the terms of use and privacy policy and click "upload video". Have a little patience and wait for the video to be uploaded without closing the window. In a few minutes would be available and millions of people could see it.